Magic mushrooms – Harm reduction tips | Buy Shrooms Online NZ

  • Magic mushrooms – Harm reduction tips | Buy Shrooms Online NZ No use is the safest choice. Buy Shrooms Online NZ
  • To avoid a bad trip, it’s best to take magic mushrooms only if feeling good, with trusted friends in a safe environment.
  • If you’re new to mushies start slow; take 3-5 mushies only.
  • Dropping a shroom trip while out clubbing could end up in disaster. Wait until the effects have peaked before deciding if you can deal with going out.
  • It’s best to go mushroom hunting with someone who knows what they’re doing. Don’t pick anything you cannot positively identify. There are very poisonous mushrooms that may be mistaken for psilocybin shrooms.
  • The strength of magic mushrooms varies considerably depending on the type, age, recent rain and soil conditions. Mushrooms from the same batch vary and some are toxic. It’s safer to take a small dose and wait 2 hours before having more (if required) than losing the plot big-time.
  • Many people eat magic mushrooms in the forest as they find them. It’s safest to stay in a group and plan to have water and other essentials available including a straight driver to get you home. Buy Shrooms Online NZ
  • Avoid binging during the shroom season as this could put your mental health at risk.
  • Driving on mushies is not recommended.

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