About Burma Cubensis Mushroom Spores

Burma Cubensis Mushroom Spores is recognized as one of the best and easiest cubensis to grow with fast colonization speeds due to large fruiting bodies colonizing very quickly. This strain is also noted for its tendency of producing multiple flushes from each substrate which makes it a great mushroom for bulk microdosing, a favorite specimen as determined by repeat researchers.

Under the microscope, at-home scientists can expect to see fascinating spores that would, in the wild, mature into a fast-growing and potent strain of psilocybin mushroom. While this strain doesn’t grow quite as quickly or get as big as, say, the popular and aggressive Creeper spore strain would in the wild, mycologists have observed it growing fairly quickly comparative to other strains.

The real selling point here for amateur microscopists is the potent learning opportunity to be had when observing these premium spores under a microscope! Discovered by the same individual who originally found the Pink Buffalo psilocybin mushroom spore strain, writer and mushroom expert John Allen, these are genuine Burmese spores originally from Myanmar

Classification: Hallucinogenic
Cultivation Difficulty: Easy
Substrates: Equine dung and Enriched soils
Temperature: Subtropical
Strain Origin: Burma


Included with each Psilocybin cubensis Burma spore syringe purchase:

  1. One 10cc syringe loaded with Burma Spores.
  2. One sterile 16 gauge needle per syringe purchased and an alcohol prep pad.

5 Spores, 6Spores, 8Spores, 10Spores


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