Burma Magic Mushrooms:

Buy Burma Mushrooms Auckland . Burma magic mushrooms is a famous species of psychedelic mushrooms Psilocybe cubensis with main psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin.

By being one of the strongest mushrooms out there, these mushrooms have earned their popularity. Burma mushrooms are ideal for experienced psychonauts as they can take the users to a next level.

The major benefit of Burma magic mushrooms is that they have fast-growing qualities, especially when growing from the spores.

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For a high potency, Burma magic mushrooms aka Burmese magic mushrooms are popular worldwide. It’s a relief that they are not too rare.

First discovered by John W.Allen, buy this highly popular and potent strain from “Psychedelic Official” at the best price. Buy Burma Mushrooms Online in Auckland


John W.Allen discovered the first specimen of this Psilocybe cubensis variation. John W.Allen only grew 1 flush of Burma magic mushrooms and now all Burma spores can be traced back to that first grow.

Burma Mushroom Effects:

The Burma magic mushrooms give strong but not overly cerebral trips.

In general, psilocybin causes changes in thought patterns and mood. But at higher doses, magic mushrooms cause hallucinations and so does Burma.

Users can feel intense euphoria and feelings of connection. Changes in thought patterns are also experienced by the users which include personal and spiritual insight.

With little insight encourage, Burma mushrooms generally produce intense and enjoyable experiences with euphoric effects.

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Burma Magic Mushrooms Uses:

Burma mushrooms also have medical potential and are used by many patients to self-treat several medical conditions including migraine, headaches, stress, anxiety, etc.

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Burma Magic Mushrooms For Sale :

Burma mushrooms are one of the most famous Psilocybe cubensis strains for their fast, aggressive growth and potency. This strain was originally collected from Burma and since then, it has been cultivated for its consistent performance. Buy Burma Mushrooms Online in Auckland

We have top-quality Burma mushrooms for sale online to provide our customers with the best trip of their life.

Dose Recommendations: | Buy Burma Mushrooms New Zealand

Mild dose 0.25 grams
Low dose 0.25-1.00 grams
Moderate dose 1.00-2.50 grams
Strong dose 2.50-4.00 grams
Epic dose 4 grams and higher


This species of psychedelic mushrooms are highly potent which means a typical dose size will give a stronger effect.

Buy Burma Magic Mushrooms 

Purchase Burma Mushroom Strain Online In Auckland :

As it grows fairly quickly and is most potent, Burma is a big favorite strain of psychonauts. When grown from spores, they colonize fast.

With caps coming in different versions of brown, the Burma mushrooms can grow medium to huge in size.

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