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Buy Burma Mushrooms For Sale |Shrooms for Sale NZ ,The Burma Mushrooms Strain is considered one of the milder magic mushrooms — but it still packs a psychedelic punch in the realm of 2–3 grams of dried mushrooms. Buy Burma Mushrooms Strain.

Burma magic mushrooms are a good choice for psychonauts looking for a playful, sensational journey through the cosmos but don’t want the experience to be too overwhelming either. This is an excellent “starter” mushroom.

Most users say that Burma mushrooms don’t create deeply philosophical or cerebral kinds of trips. Rather, a voyage with Burma mushrooms is euphoric and dreamy.

This strain was first collected in Burma, now Myanmar, by a student and sent to amateur mycologist John W. Allen. This sample was then isolated and proliferated through various hobbyist and expert mycologists. Today the Burma strain is widely available through most mainstream spore vendors.

Burma mushrooms tend to be fairly easy to grow, and it’s a strain that grows quickly; colonizing Burma mushrooms on substrate takes only a few days.

Like most mycelium, Burma strain mushrooms love high humidity and cool temperatures during cultivation. Still, Burma mushrooms are known to take off pretty quickly when it comes to incubation and colonization.


Burma Shrooms Strain Specs

Potency Average 🍄
Cultivation Easy
Species Psilocybe cubensis
Substrate Recommendation Manure

History of The Burma Strain | Buy Burma Mushrooms Strain

The Burma strain originates from Southeastern Asia in its namesake, Burma, a country between Thailand and India.

The Burma mushroom strain was said to be collected by a Thai student from buffalo dung found in a rice paddy. Stories suggest that the original Burma mushroom was collected from just outside of Yangon, then Rangoon, a border village between Thailand and Burma, now known as Myanmar.

The student gifted a sample of the mushroom to John W. Allen, a true mushroom pioneer that has been credited for discovering many Psilocybe mushrooms and bringing them to the West in the late 1990s.

It’s said Allen grew only one flush of the Burma mushrooms and propagated the original spores, proliferating them throughout the globe.

According to anecdotal commentary from John Allen himself, Burma strain spores and many other strain spores that are sold online today originated from Allen’s South East Asia discoveries and propagation.

Burma Potency & Psilocybin Content

Burma is pretty weak compared to strains like Tidal Wave, Fuzzy Balls, or Penis Envy. It’s also on the low-end of average when comparing to so-called “average” Psilocybe cubensis strains like Golden Teachers or Albino Treasure Coast.

Recent analysis performed by Oakland Hyphae in the Psilocybin Cup found the average potency of 3 samples of the Burma strain to be around 0.50% total tryptamine levels (measured as percent of dried weight). The strongest submission contained 0.63%.

For reference, the average Psilocybe cubensis strain falls somewhere in between 0.50% and 0.90%.

A closely-related strain, the Albino Burma strain, was notably more potent — suggesting the possibility that Burma has the potential for much more too. In spring 2021, the Albino Burma strain submitted by Blackstar Mycology tested at 1.4% total tryptamines (psilocybin, psilocin, and a few others).

Burma Variations & Genetic Relatives

Burma strain shrooms overlap relative potency and growth patterns with other strains collected from tropical regions of Southeast Asia. A few examples include the Cambodian, Koh Samui, and Vietnam strains.

It’s also directly related to the Albino Burma, which is a leucistic (low-pigented) version.

Where to Buy Burma Shrooms Spores

Although Burma mushrooms are said to have been collected only one time in the wild, Burma mushroom spores were well preserved and are now readily available across the globe.

Thanks to John Allen’s sample, Burma mushroom spores can be found online from many major mushroom spore retailers.

For US-based mushroom enthusiasts, you can acquire Burma spores for research and collection purposes from Sacred Mushroom Spores or Spore Store and Burma mushroom syringes from Shaman Mushroom Spores or Sporeworks.

Burma shroom spore syringes can also be found from Quality Spores for shipping in the U.S.

Buy Burma Mushrooms Strain Effects

In general, psilocybin causes changes in mood, changes in thought-pattern, and, at higher doses, hallucinations. Less-enjoyable effects commonly include excessive yawning, nausea, and sometimes even vomiting. Severe reactions, such as convulsions, are very rare, but they can occur. Psilocybin has shown medicinal potential, and many people use mushrooms to self-treat a wide variety of conditions, from migraine headaches to anxiety. Unfortunately, the scientific research on these claims is still in its infancy, in part because of the legal barriers to clinical study.

“Mood changes” mean, ideally, euphoria and a feeling of connectedness, though some people instead experience anxiety—which can be intense and disturbing. Some users explain the radically different possible effects by saying that psilocybin simply enhances whatever the user was already feeling. This is one reason why proper mental preparation for the experience, together with a safe and enjoyable setting, are so important

“Changes in thought-pattern” often includes personal and spiritual insight.

Burma mushrooms are generally said to produce an intense and enjoyable experience, but with little of the insight encouraged by other strains.

Burma Mushrooms Strain Potency

Burma is known as a very potent strain, meaning that a typical-sized dose will have a stronger effect.

Weight N/A

1 Ounce, 1/4/Pound, 1/2Pound, 1Pound


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