Cremini Mushroom

Buy Cremini Spore online. The cremini mushroom, or brown mushroom, started out as a cross between the cultivated white mushroom and its wild cousin, Agaricus campestris. The result was a deeper colored mushroom that looks like a miniature portobello mushroom (hence the name), with a stronger flavor and firmer texture than the original button variety.

In fact, most grocery stores sell three color-coded types of button mushrooms: white, brown, and portobello. �� Cremini’s are moderately mature versions of their much younger white button cousins (hence the nickname “baby bella”), which means that they have a browner color, firmer texture, and more concentrated flavor. Don’t try to make substitutions for fresh creminis in recipes that call for whole baby bella; they’re only available in season. However, we frequently use them in soups and stews where their extra firmness holds up better to long cooking times.

Classification: Edible
Cultivation Difficulty: Difficult
Substrates: straw, manure, compost
Temperature: Colonizing / Fruiting – 70-80 / 55-65
Strain Origin: N. America; Europe

Potential health benefits: anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular health, antioxidant, skin health, energy booster, potassium and gut health. Buy Cremini Spore online

Description: Liquid Culture. The Cremini mushroom is a small version of the Portobello common to your local grocery store. When the Portobello fruits are small with unopened caps they are called Cremini.

This particular strain has been isolated to be more flavorful and considerably denser than a simple small Portobello, Cremini. These should be harvested just as the caps begin to open for the best flavor.

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